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Small Animal Boarding in London
Chiswick Pets now offers small animal boarding, reptile boarding and cat sitting to their services. Responsible care by animal lovers while you're away at work or on holiday.

Chiswick Pet Shop - Small Animal Boarding, Reptile Boarding & Cat Sitting

Chiswick Pet Shop - Small animal boarding West London

Holidays give us that well earned break that we all deserve. We put so much thought and planning into our vacations, but what about the poor family bunny rabbit? Who will look after and care for him while you are away? 

What you need is a reliable and trusted company that offer small animal boarding in London. Chiswick Pets do just this, plus more, including reptile boarding in West London and a cat feeding service too.  

Chiswick Pet Shop

Chiswick Pets

32-34 Devonshire Road
London W4 2HD

As well as already being an established local pet store offering pets to buy, pet food, pet toys and animal care advice, they now offer small animal boarding, reptile boarding and a cat feeding service.

Chiswick Pets boarding service caters for all kinds of small animals such as hamsters, rabbits and other small furries, to reptiles such as bearded dragons, snakes and such like. If you have a small pet and need a boarding service, contact Chiswick Pets direct, as they will care for most small pets in the Chiswick and West London area.
Food, cleaning and bedding will be provided in the quoted price and you will be happy in the knowledge to know, that your pet will be played with and stroked everyday. Cleaning of the pet will be carried out three times in a one week period. And this is all at the competitive price of £7 a night (per cage), and £10 a night for pairs of rabbits.
If you also require pet grooming, they will clip your pet’s nails for just £3 extra.

The second new service on offer is the new Cat Feeding service, which also includes any other small animals that you wish to be kept at home in their normal environment.
Priced at just £10 per visit, Chiswick Pets staff will visit your pet once or twice a day to feed, change the litter tray and of course take the time to play with your beloved pet too.

Also before all of this is carried out, they will arrange an introduction meeting to visit you and get to know your pet. Pet grooming can also carried out and clipping a cats nails will be priced at £5 and once again small animals, just £3.

These services are available in Chiswick, Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush and some areas of Acton.
However, if you live in another area nearby, do contact them, as they may be able to travel to other parts of West London, depending on their bookings.

The responsible and caring staff at Chiswick Pets work there because they love animals. These new services are a very convenient way of caring for your pet and giving you great peace of mind while you are away. 

No-one wants to leave their cat behind, while they are on holiday, but the cat feeding service gives you reassurance that your pet is cared for comfortably, in the normal home surroundings.

Now you can finally relax and enjoy going away, knowing that your pet is having a holiday too!

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Small animal boarding, reptile boarding and cat sitting in West London
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