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Chiswick Pets
West London pet shop with experienced and knowledgeable staff, providing an extensive range of pet supplies, small animals and reptiles for sale...

Chiswick Pets - Pets, Pet Accessories, Pet Food and Bedding, Small Animal Feed and Accessories, Chiswick, London W4 2HD

Chiswick Pets

Chiswick Pets

32-34 Devonshire Road
London W4 2HD

Resident parakeet at Chiswick Pets, Devonshire Road, London W4
Resident parakeet - not for sale!

Chiswick Pets has been serving the Chiswick and surrounding communities for many years providing not only a vast and eminent selection of: foods, treatments, bedding, cat collars, dog collars and leads, cat carriers, dog carriers, cat flaps, rabbit hutches, toys and other pet accessories but also sound and expert advice which is, sadly, all too often absent from the pet "supermarkets."

Dog Grooming Service
From Tuesday to Saturday by appointment, a comprehensive dog grooming package at the brand new dog grooming salon at the Chiswick Pets store. 

Small Animal Boarding Reptile Boarding and Cat SittingWe pride ourselves in offering "sensible" customers "sensible" pets. Therefore, if it is an iguana, reticulated python or small goldfish bowl you are looking for, please look elsewhere. If, however, it is a rat, rabbit or even something more exotic, like a corn snake or bearded dragon, feel free to pop in to discuss your options with one of our staff.
Organic and holistic dog and cat food is a speciality - we stock Lily's Kitchen organic food, and Almo Nature holistic dry food.
We are now licensed for Frontline and Drontal - please call us for details if you're interested in these products. We also stock Feliway and DAP pheromone products for calming dogs and cats.

Pets: Available small animals include - rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice and rats
Fish: Cold water and tropical fish, tanks and accessories
Reptiles: These creatures have all been bred in captivity in the UK, they are not imported - Bearded Dragons, Corn Snakes, King Snakes, Herman Tortoises and Horsefields Tortoise, Leopard Geckos
Chiswick Pets also stocks  live foods for reptiles and frozen foods for snakes.
Whether it's a leopard gecko or designer dog collar, whatever you choose, we look forward to seeing you.
At long last we have persuaded Hounslow Council to permit 30 minute FREE parking on meters in our street.

FREE LOCAL DELIVERY for purchases of over £50
Ordering service for non-stock items - please call us for details

Opening hours
Mon - Sat 9.00 - 18.00
Sun 11 - 16.00

Bearded dragon, reptiles for sale, Chiswick Pets, Chiswick, London W4 2HD
Bearded dragons for sale
Herman Tortoises for sale, Chiswick Pets, London W4 2HD
Herman tortoises for sale
Leopard geckos for sale, Chiswick Pets, Devonshire Road, London W4 2HD
Leopard Gecko for sale

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